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International Women's Day

This is our signature event. We host a gala dinner to celebrate the accomplishments of Asian Women. This event is mainly focused to acknowledge the accomplishments of South Asian, East Indian and Muslim women, as there is not enough representation in the standard celebrations of this day in Winnipeg, MB and no acknowledgment of their hard work or contributions. There are so many cultural background differences and not easy for others to understand the barriers these women have to cross in order to be successful. 


To celebrate Asian women’s accomplishments, tremendous contributions and vision for the betterment of the community in Manitoba. We strongly believe that Asian women does matter. We have established an Awards Committee; all the nominations go directly to the chair of this committee. Previous year’s recipients automatically become part of this committee and this committee select the recipients of the coming year. 

AWOW established the guidelines based on the vision and goals of the organization. 


At the gala dinner, our awardees share their journey of success, with the intent to empower and inspire the audience with their own prospective of life and success. 


Our goal is to “Empower Women” - to increase the spiritual, political, social or economic strength of women, by developing confidence, knowledge, worth, high morale and values in their capacities.

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