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In the last 5 years this organization has accomplished a lot and taken on so many projects with passion, empathy and caring heart. We host 4 major events every year. 


  • AWOW started with a unique event in month of May - Mother’s Day, a celebration of womanhood/Motherhood.

  • Second event we took on was International Women Day to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of Asian Women. By attending a celebration in legislative building on March 8th in 2014, we realised that time has come for AWOW to speak about Asian women. 

  • Third event is an ethnic cultural celebration called “Lohri Mela” to celebrate and promote the birth of new born girls (historically this celebration was for the birth of boys). Now after celebrating for 5 years, more and more families with baby girls are coming forward to celebrate. It is good to see the mindset is changing.

  • Fourth event we started in 2019 to contribute in MB150 celebration, called Desi Fest (A fusion of multiculturalism – 15 plus communities participated under one umbrella to showcase culture through, dance performances, mini ethnic market, cultural stalls and variety of food stall).  


On top of these events every year we host a dinner & dance to raise funds for Women Shelter and Siloam mission.

Our vision is to provide leadership and support to gain respect, equality and education for all women.

Meet the AWOW team!

Advisory Board

Pam Rebello, Chair

Rita Chahal

Jennifer Chen

Perla Javate

Polly J Pachu

Zaleena Salaam

Dr Christine Wu

Board of Directors

Sharan Tappia (P)

Anjana Kumar (VP)

Dalvinder Obhi (T)

Saadia Maryam (S)

Dr Sukhwinder Bhullar (JS)

Nupur Kumari

Narinder Kalkat

Dr Zahra Sepehri

Priyanka Bains

Nishu Gumber

Youth Board of Directors

Lakshika Prasad

Divya Sharma

Chahat Sharma

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